Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pretty ways to spend my pennies!

Hey ladies :) I've been meaning to post about some of the goodies I've found on here for about a week now but sadly I have misplaced my phone somewhere in my house so I can't pull the extra pictures off! So I'm just going to have to do without them for now :)

I found this the other day as I was walking around BHS and fell in love!! I've just had a look on the BHS website and I can't find this beauty on there! Which means I might just have to run out tomorrow and see if there's still some left ;)

This very very pretty mixing bowl by mason cash was an absolute bargain in boyes! I brought it for £9.99 which I think is a steal :D the colour is sooo pretty and I'd have no difficulty in mixing up the biggest amount of batter in here!

I also found some super super cute hello kitty mugs in poundland :D there were 4 different designs so naturally I brought one of each ;)
Sadly this is where I am missing my phone as I can't show you the designs! But I will be sure to once it turns up!
On the hello kitty theme I also have to show you something awsome....

I have been druling over this jacket on ebay for weeks now and after quite a few private messages between me and the seller I managed to get them to reduce the price enough for me to buy :D At the minute it is still across the pond in the USA but as soon as it gets here I will be showing it off everywhere I can :D

There are a couple of gorgeous bargain finds I've discovered in the past week but these will have to wait until I find my phone again!



Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...


Florence and Mary said...

Love Hello Kitty goodies, that jacket is awesome!

Victoria xx

Romi and Bob said...

Hello! Cool jacket and the mugs are muchio bargainous! I want the mixing bowl. Your blog is very cute. Have a good weekend, Tracy x

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