Saturday, 10 March 2012

cupcake cakepop day!

Hello all! Today I went on a rather jolly course courtesey of groupon where I got to learn some good tips and techniques on how to decorate cupcakes and make cake pops :)

Last year as an idea to give me and my friend helen hope through depression, I decided we should open a cake business together as we both love baking and playing around with icing hehe!

Helens cakes are always so yummy and I think of myself as a very capable baker :) my only issue has been learning how to decorate my goodies after I've cooked them!

These were my attempts and to be fair the buttercream ones looked lovely at first, but sadly the room was very warm and there was no fridge space so by the time I thought to take a picture the peaks had collapsed!
Also The fondant iced cakes could have done with some more consideration but to be honest I just wanted to have a go on all of the different moulds and cutters! :p

Next I got to make cake pops :) although as it was only a short 2 hour class we actually made biscuit pops!

These were essentually exactly the same as cake pops only instead of using sponge cake crumbs with buttercream for the ball you use biscuits mixed with buttercream. We used custard creams and they were delicious!

I had alot of fun making cake pop versions of me and matt! And I can't wait to whip up another batch to decorate!

After my very failed attempt at making cake pops last year I feel like I have learned some brilliant tips and am now very excited to make them again, maybe I'll make some using oreos! Nomnomnom =^.^=


Kelly said...

These look yummy, I've been tempted to do one of those courses for a bit of fun. :-)

hapi-ness said...

i definately recommend them Kelly :D I had a blast! x

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