Friday, 9 March 2012

if the shoe fits....

buy a pair in every colour! Well the same certainly goes for dresses too :D
I popped into Matalan the other day to pick up some jogging bottoms (it's some effort towards dieting right?) and I happened to spot a really beautiful dress.

It drew me towards it like I was under a spell, everything about it was beautiful, the fabric, the cut, the lining, the inbuilt underskirt and the price! I picked it up and folded it over my arm and turned around when I saw another stunning dress, once again great lining, great cut and beautiful fabric.

It turned out to be the same dress in another material and at £25 each I really couldn't say no!!

I did venture to Matalan last week aswell where I purchased a pair of lovely light blue skinny jeans. This was a great suprise to me as I have been blessed with two of the largest thighs EVER and skinny jeans are always a no-go-zone but these ones actually look rather lovely :).

I also spotted lots of gorgeous shoes, mostly the same style but with different colour variations :) I've shown my favourite ones but sadly none of these came home with me as I was trying to be good!

I will try and get some pics of me actually in these so you can see the cut of the dress a little better :)
Hope you all love them as much as I do :D

xxx Ness xxx

P.S I also thought I'd share a rather beautiful song on the lovely mumford and sons album Mr S brought for me for christmas. If you haven't heard any of mumford and sons work then you are certainly missing out :) This one is my favourite!


dosierosie said...

love the song thank you.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

oooh yes! I totally agree, those dresses are fab x

Kelly said...

Wow those dresses are lovely especially the red, you've made me want to go and have a nose

hapi-ness said...

Thanks lovely ladies :D definately worth a look Kelly :) xx

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