Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pretty sweet

Hello my lovelies I hope you're all having a lovely week :) I know I am! just look at some of the yummies I've indulged in this week! Not to mention a tiny bit of baking (which i've just finished!) to leave behind as a thank you to Mr S's brother who is house and dog sitting for us this weekend :) Ooooh i do love playing with the retro camera app on my phone! Yesterday was me and the Mr's 6th anniversary and as a treat I booked us a weekend away at the Felbrigg Lodge courtesey of a voucher on livingsocial :) we get a 2 night stay with afternoon tea on arrival, a 4course meal each night, breakfast both days, a bottle of champagne and a chocolate hamper in the room, full use of hot tub and pool and a back neck and shoulder massage each :) (look at some of the lodges, they're gorgeous!) I've been looking forward to it for months and after weeks and weeks of stress and not seeing each other much due to work it's a much needed break for us to be together and enjoy ourselves :) Of course yesterday we had a good time as we just had a lazy day, feasting on takeaway and opening our prezzies :) Mr S brought me a super cute panda keyring, a pyro panda t-shirt (which is hilarious) a mini pink bucket of sweets and some undies :P I went for a bit of a theme for his presents as he has a bit of a thing about batman at the minute, so I brought him a batman t-shirt, a genuine adam west autographed picture of adam west's batman and had them delivered to him by bat dog :) Millie was hilarious in this costume, although we didn't keep it on her for long, mostly by her choice :P it was a total suprise for Mr S, especially as I left him in bed and had Millie dive on him as his wakeup call :) I shall have to take some pics of our gifts to each other after we get back from felbrigg :) I just wanted to show you all the lovely wall I have been working on for the past few months, collecting pretty frames and such :) a couple still need filling, and one already contains Mr S's batman gift from me :D Well that's about it from me for today :) I need to make sure we're all packed for tomorrow! Nananananananana batbye!! xxx Ness xxx


Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Your wall looks great!

Victoria xxx

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