Monday, 23 April 2012

still pretty grey

Well the weather hasn't improved in the last few days at all. Every time I've walked Millie after work it's ended up raining within 20 minutes, not that she seemed to make! After seeing Ruby Red's delicious peanut butter pretzel bites I decided to make my own! Sadly me, Mr S and my friends scoffed them all before I thought to take any pictures! So the image above is courtesey of Two Tiny Kitchens, where you can also find the recipe :) To be honest I was pretty lazy with the recipe, I just wanted to make these as quickly as possible so I just made a note of what the ingreddients were and made up the quantities as I went until the mix seemed right, and they are so easy that it all went very well :) I also made these little pink oreo bites :) they were a piece of cake to make! I simply bashed up a packet of oreo's until they were fine crumbs and mixed in a few tablespoons of cream cheese frosting until I was able to pick up some of the mixture and roll it into a ball, not too sticky and not too crumbly! Sadly I can't be exact with measurements as I made these to use up the remaining frosting from my guiness cake :) After I'd rolled up all of the mixture into little balls I popped them in the fridge for half an hour. After they were a little firmer I melted some candy melt and popped one oreo ball in at a time and covered before removing and placing on a baking sheet. After I'd covered 4 I'd add the sprinkles before they set too much and then carried on going until I'd covered all of them :) Finally I set the bites back in the fridge to set before munching down, YUM! :) I brought some super awsome nail transfers from B&M the other day and was incredibly pleased with the result :) I'm bloody AWFUL at nail I should know really :P so the fact that these can cover your entire nail within a few seconds and are easy to apply I became an instant convert. I can't stop looking at how cool they look and at £1.99 for 40 transfers, enough to do all of your nails twice (or your fingers and toes!) they are a real bargain! I picked up some pretty flowers at Tesco to bring the smell of spring indoors and to help distract from the miserable weather, I absolutely adore the smell of hyacinths! I also found some lovely table inspiration for the wedding at a local wedding fayre :) I love the littlebucket centrepiece and the beautiful fabrics! Sadly this was about all I got to see as I am working 9 days in a row at the moment and was only allowed half an hour to visit the fayre, the fact it was a 10 minute drive away didn't leave me with much browsing time! I hope you're all having a fabulous week :) Goodnight from Millie and Me! xxx Ness xxx


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