Thursday, 16 September 2010

happy inside

I absolutely LOVE this new ikea advert, and had to share it with anyone and everyone who has or hasn't seen it yet :D it's just too cute for words!
Also I have decided to share ONE of my terrible graduation photo's with you all :P

I have a terrible tendancy to ALWAYS pull a silly face whenever i see a camera, this one is the least silly :) me and mr S.
Finally a big sorry to everybody, my blogger has been playing up lately, there are atleast 10 blogs I have commented on only to be faced with a "Problem loading page" message a few mins later :( boo!! x


Fondant Kiss said...

Oh yes yes yes I love that ikea ad too....I want THAT one...the fluffiest cutest one!
Your grad pic is cute too hun.
Deb x

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