Monday, 16 August 2010

Hapi-ness again

Hi all
I'm pleased to announce that after a week of time to get my head together, and a little bit of retail therapy! I am finally bouncing back into being Hapi-ness.
I have decided to rehome another little kitty, as our little jinx has been so sad since Esme died :( so at the moment we are on the look out for the perfect addition to our family!

Because it has been FOREVER since I have had regular updates with blogger, i have a nice range of goodies lined up to give away over the next few weeks! Yay!
I have missed all of my blogging buddies so much!! So right now I am going to have a trawl through some of my favourite blogs to catch up with everybody :)


♥coco rose♥ said...

Awwww I hope you find a great buddy for jinx! A little bit of retail therapy can work wonders! Glad you are feeling cheerier, have a great day, big hugs Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

LoloDesigns said...

Having 3 cats myself my heart sank when I read about your beautiful Esme! Time heals but we always remember.

Can't wait to see who you bring home for Jinx. Twill be wonderful for you all and just the boost you need.

Glad you like the bargain finds, love posting them up just hope I don't make everyone bankrupt :o) xx

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