Wednesday, 19 May 2010

super duper!

Just to let you know, today I got a phone call to confirm my job at Dwell :D I'll be starting next month! And I'm so happy I could cry :D Here's the website for my shiny new store! Also, I can earn 20p per copy if people sign up to recieve the free dwell catalogue! So if anyone wants to sign up then let me know ;) hehehe


Mrs Yappy Dog said...

well done you,what a lovely place to work.

Maria said...

Well done, it looks really cool..

Crafting in the beach hut said...

Dwell's website is great - products look super dooper ;o) Huge congrats on the job - it's not easy securing anything at the mo so you must be well chuffed. Hooray! xox

Florence and Mary said...

Yay well done!!

Victoria xx

Kelly said...

Great news! Have only just come across your blog but look forward to following

Jill said...

You must feel over the moon.
Well done.

Elizabeths Attic said...

Well done on the new job - You must be happy to be settled. and enjoy the new diet.

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