Wednesday, 14 April 2010

a pretty place

This morning a lovely little catalogue flopped through my letter box (yes, some mail does arrive!) which was just so pretty (and affordable!) that I had to share with you all :) The company is called Cox and Cox, and they sell all manner of items, from craft to decor :) The above image is of their lovely robin's egg soaps, and here are some more of their pretty items!

a lovely french style shelf

An oh-so-cute musical toadstool

Gorgeous storage bags

Pretty gift tags and ribbon

A week day, chalk board, shelf and hook thingy!

A sun canopy!

And the nicest bird table i've seen :)


Kelly said...

Love the shelves and bird table!

hapi-ness said...

it's such a lovely shop :) i wish i could own it all!

Emma said...

What a great idea using wallpaper at the back of the shelves, defo one to nick..x

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