Monday, 12 April 2010

i hate royal mail!

Ok everyone, brace your selves for a rant! For the past 3 years my relationship with royal mail has been a thin one. It all began when we lived in our first flat, and whenever I had a parcel delivered, the post man would never ever knock on the door, and would just leave a "sorry you were out" card, regardless of whether I was home or not. This meant I would usually have to walk to the sorting office twice a week! In our home now, our postman never shows his face before 2pm, parcels or no! Because of this, I am never home to recieve parcels, and there for have to AGAIN try to get to the sorting office twice a week, which is about 3 miles away. Fortunately this is no longer such a problem since getting my vespa! But today took the biscuit! Today I drove down to the sorting office, armed with my "sorry you were out" card, which stated that the item needed to be signed for. Imagine my suprise when the gentleman behind the counter told me that even though I had the card that proved the parcel wasn't delivered, that their system said I had already recieved the parcel, and it was nowhere to be found. Better still is this is the second week in a row this has happened, meaning I have two parcels missing somewhere out there, and the manager of the sorting office has made no effort what so ever to fix anything! For such a major company that used to be known for its reliability, I can safely say that Royal Mail is a joke, that needs fixing ASAP!!!


Kelly said...

Ah what a pain!!! Have you any idea what it is that's gone missing?
I would be really annoyed!!! Stuff like that gets to me!!!
Hope it gets sorted!!

hapi-ness said...

i know that one of them is some lovely victorian style shirt i brought off ebay, no idea about the second package! But mark my words, who ever is on the other side of the phone tomorrow at the sorting office is going to get a piece of my mind! x

ruby said...

DHL is even worse, Ive had 3 parcels dropped off in other peoples bins, one of them lived 3 streets away, thank god there are honest people out there!

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