Saturday, 5 May 2012

A lovely weekend

Well I am back from my little weekend away with Matt and I had a lovely time :) We came back on tuesday but i've been at work since so hadn't had much time to post! I have lots and lots of pictures to share with you :) starting with this lovely picture of the front of our little cottage! And here's the view FROM the front of the cottage :) nice and peaceful! When we arrived there was a bottle of champagne and a basket of homemade fudge and lindt chocolate, which was AMAZING! Then an hour later we were greeted with a nommy cream tea in some really pretty china :) After polishing the majority of that off a lovely lady came round with her massage table to give us our back rubs which was a first for both of us! After that we just chilled out for a while before having a reallllyyy scrummy 3 course meal, and rolled our way to bed! It was a great start ;) Here was our lovely comfy bed, before we rolled in of course! And here is the sitting area at the foot of the bed, with matt serving up our welcome goodies And here was our rather sweet little bathroom, it had a double ended bath and a gorgeous oak arched barn door :D The next morning we were greeted with beautiful sunshine (this is when I got the pictures of anything outdoors hehe!)and after the car getting pelted with rain the previous day and the engine not starting we decided to take a wonder around Felbrigg :) Here we are walking around the lake, there was a really lovely view of felbrigg hall from there but it was too far away for my camera! It was such a pretty walk, but it only took us half an hour, so we went back to the cottage and tried our luck with the car again. Fortunately it worked after leaving the bonnet open for a while and we took a little drive down to Cromer coast It was a very pebbly beach and it was a bit too cold to go for a paddle but I thought the rocks and seaweed was so lovely I had to take a snap! We had a walk along the pier... Watched some people trying to catch crabs (not in the rude way!!) Watched some surfers :) Had a bag of chips in one of the pier shelters, the other one had a guy drinking special brew in it :P We walked past the kiddy park and wished we weren't too big to go on! We had ice cream :) And saw an angry crab! And then took a walk through the beach side gardens before heading back to the cottage :) After we got back we went for a dip in the outdoor hot tub and then had another amazing meal. I think i've bored you with enough pictures now so I will leave it be, but I will say again that we had such an amazing time and I would recommend a stay at felbrigg to anyone! I hope you enjoyed reading all of this as much as I enjoyed rabbiting on about it :D Muchos love to you all! xxx Ness xxx


dosierosie said...

I totally agree , the Cromer area is a great place to stay but then I would I live just down the road. Great pictures.

Emma @ Bake Sew Grow said...

Looks like you had a fab time!

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