Wednesday, 11 April 2012

happy belated easter :)

hello all! It's been a while since I last posted as I've had a wee bit of a rough patch but am working on turning that around :)

I started off by setting some time aside to do a touch of baking and made this yummy guiness cake.

It really is one of the yummiest cakes I've ever made and after a visit from the (future) brother in law and a mutual friend popped round it didn't take long to dissapear!

Here's a clearer view of my new cake plate courtesey of ebay :) I think it's beautiful!
I also brought another beauty which was sent over from spain

It's such a pretty little plate, and after being inspired by a picture on pinterest (my latest addiction) I brought a pink candlestick and attached this to the bottom of the plate to make a cake stand :)

We also went out for lunch the other day at a pub restraunt which was runner up for best pub food in the uk in 2010.
I had the days special which was lincolnshire sausages with cheesy polenta and buttery kale and Mr S had a homemade burger with homemade bread and chips in dripping.
Needless to say we'd polished off the lot before I even thought to take a picture!

It was very yummy indeed and we definately want to go try some of their other specials soon :)
I hope everybody had a brilliant easter :D
xxx Ness xxx


LaaLaa said...

That cake looks gorgeous. I keep meaning to make a Guiness cake. As my hubby is Irish and loves Guiness, it makes perfect sense. Xx

Miaou said...

That cake does look gorgeous, and I love the vintage plates! I received a Versatile Bloggers Award this week and am pleased to nominate you to receive it too - have a look here for more details:

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