Monday, 5 September 2011

back to square one

On Saturday morning on my way to work I recieved a phone call that my little jinxy had been found dead in a neighbours garden. This is now the third cat we have lost in 3 years and appears to be another case of poisening.
Unfortunately this has been a major set back in my recovery from depression and I feel just as bad as I did several months ago.
Rest in peace my little angel


bears footprints said...

oh i totally know what you mean we have lost our 2nd cat in so many years and one more ran over but he survived its horrible. Our first cat was my hubbys favorite and he too suffers with depression and it really did not him out. He was so upset that he had lost his little soul mate, so my thoughts are with you but how people could be so mean to poison them i really dont know x you take care x helen x

Florence and Mary said...

So sorry to hear such sad news for you,


Victoria xxx

simplyvintage said...

How awful - When my children were young we moved house along with two cats who I adored, within months both died of suspected poisoning. We thought we knew who did it as a neighbour out the back owned pigeons and had a known dislike of cats. It was particularly tragic as my little female had always been a house cat till we moved there and she took to just wandering about at the rear of the house . She had only been gone about an hour when she crawled home unable to walk. the vet said she had either been kicked or poisoned, but she died the next day. We could never prove anything, but people who do this type of things are the lowest of the low. You have my sincerest sympathies. Linda xxx

Red Riding said...

i hope your ok,im sorry i didnt get a chance to read this post sooner.
i cant believe some low life scum would do this to your precious cat.we have someone round our neck of the woods slitting cats and dogs throats,breaking there jaws and hanging them from trees!there just evil!i cant understand such barbaric behaviour,I really hope things are looking brighter for you,i had depression,panic attacks etc and still have from time to time(i dont think it ever goes away you just learn to power through)message me if you need to talk or anything.
sometimes its cathartic to just get it all out..anyway take care


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