Tuesday, 1 February 2011

a healthy little idea

Hello all! This is going to be one of my flying visit posts so I can update on what has happened in the past month!
First of all I would like to share a tasty little treat with you, that from today I am going to try and have every day for a week for breakfast to try and aid my diet!
As you may have guessed by the picture this is indeed a smoothie recipe :D
This is actually my first ever smoothie as i HATE bananas!!!
All you need is.....
1 small hand full blueberries
1 small hand full grapes
1/2 hand full of porridge oats
4tbsp low fat strawberry yoghurt (more if you want it thicker!)
a splash of fruit juice (I used apple and blackcurrant)
1 small handfull frozen fruit (i used mixed summer berries)

Just pop all of you ingredients into a blender, or a jug if you are like me and only have a hand blender!
Whiz everything together until it's a nice yummy smoothie mix, adding more juice or yoghurt depending how thick you want it :)

I make myself about 3/4 a pint and it is super filling! I've always had breakfast in the morning but still find i'm hungry by 10.30am so hopefully this is a new healthy way to keep me feeling full till lunch time!

Secondly I just HAD to show you all this beautiful website if you didn't already know it! An angel at my table was first introduced to me by my colleague Helen. I'd mentioned that last year I spotted some gorgeous bird cage wall art in the background of an episode of ugly betty!

Since seeing them I knew I had to find them but spent months searching the web with no luck!

Finally Helen stumbled across the exact paintings and sent me the link :D The image shown is one of a set of 3 and the website is definately worth a look!

That's just about it for things to share at the moment :) although as of today we have finally sold our old vectra and the renault clio, meaning we can finally start spending some money on doing up the house! Yipee!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

The smoothie looks delicious, and healthy! I had to visit that gorgeous site and have put it in my faves - I love birdcages!

Florence and Mary said...

I'm not a banana fan either but I do like smoothies!

Victoria xx

Kelly said...

I love smoothies but have to leave out the yogurt, I have this problem with drinking thick stuff ha ha I even chew a fruit smoothie! Just another wierd food phobia!!

My Fashion Dolly said...

The smoothie loos very yummy!!! Xoxo ♥

Rocio R.


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