Friday, 26 November 2010

another come back!

Hey all! Sorry it's been so long since my last post, a little ray of sunshine had started to peek through our grey clouds, only to be covered over again with a huge thunderstorm!
Our shiny new (all be it second hand) renault clio turned out to be a scam, and within 2 weeks it also died. At the moment we are still trying to scrimp and save to find out exactly what is wrong with the car and if we can afford to fix it (so long the garage has given us a list as long as our arms of things it needs replacing!) and then the gentleman who was meant to be buying our vectra pulled out, meaning we had to stump up the very last of our money to pay back his deposit.
All of this coupled with the christmas rush at work, which consists of screaming crying customers coming in mad busy waves all through the day.
Then our gorgeous little kitty cat Jinx went missing and everything seemed to be falling appart.

Fortunately a week later little Jinxy came strolling back in as cool as a cucumber, not knowing how much he had me worried, especially after losing 2 cats in the past 2 years already! At the time this was a very small consolation as we still had bills coming out our ears and only one income. But 2 weeks ago something wonderful happened, and worked much better than anything the doctor could have given me to make me happy again :)

Yep! Kirstie's Homemade home! It sounds mental I know but I am a control freak and had lost a grip on every part of my life. My only release used to be crafting, but with so much stress I hadn't done anything creative in nearly 6 months! But one hour of beautiful things and lots of inspiration, I started to get itchy fingers to reach for a crochet hook.
A few weeks on and I finally decided it was time to stop sulking and start making! The last episode was such an inspiration to me and has had me happily scribbling up plans for our garden and how to do up the house without having to spend a fortune.
And best of all, as my biggest worry for quite some time has been money, and how will I ever afford christmas? I now have a full list of gifts I plan to make for all of my friends and family :D meaning I can save lots of pennies and still give a gift full of thought and love!

I have also decided to have a major clear out, as thanks to my diet I have now lost a stone and a half and am in need of a total wardrobe makeover :). So to make space I am having a huge clear out on ebay to make some pennies to go towards some shiny new rags!

And where better to go at this time of year than the clothes show!! I'm going next friday with the lovely Helen from work and can't wait :) Will be sure to show off any goodies I find!

I'm sorry this has been such a long post! I'm going to go and catch up with all of the lovely blogs I have been missing for the past few weeks!
Hugs and Kisses
Ness xxx


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