Friday, 3 September 2010

Discount count down!!

Hi all!
I've been itching for a good old fashioned shopping spree for a while! But with only one income coming in and a hell of a lot of payments going out, I have to keep on waiting to get my fix!!
In another week I will finally be entitled to my staff discount at dwell, which is great as I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to buy when we have the cash! Here are some of the bits I'm loving right now :D

This table is just too beautiful! In real life the veneer is so yummy! Definately want this in my kitchen :D

This coat stand is amazing, I'd just use it to hang ornaments or jewellery from!

These glasses are stunning, they have a really classy vintage look, and are so sparkly :D

Another awsome bit of sparkle! This skull is covered in little diamonte's! It's so rock and roll :P

This sofa is beautiful, the colour is soooooo nice! I always have to stroke our model in the showroom when I go past hehe!!

I love this vase, it's really heavy, but the roses are so pretty! We had one of these with a lovely flower arrangement on display in our window last week, Looks amazing!!

Finally these salt and pepper shakers. A customer ordered some of these and picked them up today, I had a sneek peak at them as we haven't had any in our store yet! They are ADORABLE! I have to have to HAVE to buy these when I have some more pennies :D

For now though I'm just enjoying seeing all of the new pieces coming in from the new catalogue :) every delivery is like christmas! Except I don't get to take everything home! If anybody wants to check out the rest of dwell's goodies, I can pop you on the mailing list to recieve our catalogue and vouchers :D yay!! xx


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Hi Vanessa
I too am itching to go shopping but am having to save myself for our trip to NY next month.
Love the stuff in dwell pop me on the list if you like, I love a voucher.
Luv Sophie xxx

Kelly said...

Wow that stuff all looks cool! I hope you have a hefty discount i reckon a few bits are expensive (but soooo worth it!)
I am off out with Victoria tomorrow, its our first proper girlie day since i got married and i cant wait!!! THe only difference is where i would be looking for killer heels normally, this time I will be loking for slippers and hospital bag goodies!!!

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