Wednesday, 30 June 2010

too good to be true

Hi again all! Well bad news for blogging from me at the moment, the day after our internet came back on, my keyboard on my laptop decided it couldn't go on another day! So once again i'm on a borrowed laptop, waiting to upload my swap photo's!!


elle thornton said...

Hello again and welcome back! How are you coping without your laptop?! I'd rather lose my mobile phone than my lappy! Hope it all gets sorted soon, L xox
PS Does your 'High maintenance' button in the sidebar refer to your laptop/keyboard, because I don't see you as a high maintenance kinda girl?? x

hapi-ness said...

hehe thankyou elle! Oooh it's a nightmare! I keep getting so fidgety because I can't check anything! and at the moment, the high maintenance is definately most accurate for my laptop right now! x

Alexandra Mason said...

Aww hope you gat it sorted soon and have a great weekend xx

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