Tuesday, 6 April 2010

new hair progress!

Ok, so this week is absolute torture right now! Last thursday I passed my CBT test, meaning my brand new vespa was officially mine to ride :D However! Because of the silly easter holidays, I still haven't received my insurance documents, meaning I still can't tax my bike! So until my post decides to arrive, I can't ride my lovely vespa at all! But I have decided to pay it a tribute, and over the past few days have been dying my hair, so that I can come up with a red that is just like my bike :D Here is what it looks like so far!!

Yesterday I bleached, and today I dyed it Infra red by Manic Panic. It's a little too bright and orange for me though, so I've ordered a Jar of Vampire red to try and take it a little darker :)


Kelly said...

I kinda like the orange too!

hapi-ness said...

haha i know! it's weird how it looks ok :P but got a lot of funny looks when I went to the shop, so it had to go!!

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