Thursday, 29 April 2010

good times, bad times

Well this week has been a little bit of a roller coaster of emotions for me. On monday morning my poor dog holly was put to sleep. She seemed so healthy up until the day, but when taking her in to the vets, they found she had a heart murmer, shadows on the lung, and several other things :( it's been horrible since, and I'm going to miss her so much.
But on Tuesday, it was mine and Matt's 4th anniversary, and for a bit of a cheer up, he took me out to derby for the day, for a touch of retail therapy. We had a lovely time, and it helped to take my mind off things :) So now is the time to show off what we brought! (be warned, this post is about to get very picture heavy!)

This was the adorable sight I was greeted with when I opened my anniversary present in the morning. Granted it wasn't a suprise as I was with matt when he brought them :P They are called Bonnie and Clyde! And are the cutest oil and vinegar despensers ever!

I wanted them after spotting them in a lovely little shop in Nottingham we found a few weeks ago, where I brought an adorable mug from the same range!!

She's called Lulu, and look! She even has little feet!

Anyway, back on to things we brought on our little day trip :) the first thing was a new doormat! from paperchase!(I know! I don't take much to please :P)

Then we got a new kettle from lakeland! Ours had given up some time ago :P

And I brought the cutest bag I've ever seen too :D and just as an extra bonus, it's huge!!

It has Yes on one side and no on the other! how cute is that :D

It even came with a bag to put it in! I've never had a bag that had a bag to put it in :P

And the lining is just delicious.
That's all the photo's I have of things we brought, although Matt got a new game and a tattoo, and I picked up a few other little bits and bobs for myself :) I do actually have some other photo's to show off from the package I recieved from the lovely Chez Sophie! But I'm going to pop them in a seperate post later on ^_^ xxx


Florence and Mary said...

Oh you poor thing, sending you lot's of big hugs.

I'm glad that you and the OH had a nice day out together and your goodies are sooo cute.

Victoria xxx

Jill said...

I'm sorry to read about your little dog. They become part of the family and it's like something is missing from the house when they've gone.
It's been ages since I visited Derby on a shopping trip - is Bennetts still there? I used to love going in there.

Red Riding said...

im so sorry to hear you lost your beloved pet holly,at least she didnt suffer bless can be so hard losing a pet.
it looks like you had a lovely day though

♥coco rose♥ said...

I am really sorry that yur start to the week was so awful. It's just so terrible to lose a pet. I don't have any now as i couldn't face 'the end'. The boys keep pestering me, but we have a stick insect and that is enough! Well, it looks like you got some adorable treats.....very, very jealous indeedy! xxx

Pixiedust said...

So sorry to hear about your little dog. ((((big hugs)))) Glad you had a nice anniversary and got some goodies. xxx

hapi-ness said...

thank you my lovely ladies :) you're all so kind xxx

Kelly said...

Oh hunni! So sorry to hear about Holly!! Hugs xxx

Alijane said...

Sorry to hear about Holly, its so sad when you loose a beloved pet.

Glad the retail therapy lifted your spirits.


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