Tuesday, 30 March 2010

happy ness

:) Today is a day that gives me lots of reasons to smile :) Yesterday, my lovely friend, Miss Katie came over from Lincoln, with her Mr Johnny, to stay over for the night :D I had a lovely time, and wish they could have stayed longer! But unfortunately, today was also the day of my second bike lesson :) and after another half an hour of driving around on a scooter, my instructor told me I am all ready for my CBT test on thursday :) which means I am 1 leap closer to riding my new Vespa!!!

I am now back at home, and it is currently black outside and hammering down with rain! But this makes me smile even more! Because it waited until I was home ^_^ And finally, I have just applied for another job! Fingers crossed I will find the right place soon :D


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

You have a blog award over at my blog.
Luv Sophie xxx

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