Monday, 4 January 2010

on hiatus

Hello all! I hope you all had a wonderful new year :D and that 2010 brings lots of lovely things to you all! The bummer is that I managed to get the new year bug, and have been very ill for the last few days :( not only this, but apparently my PC has gotten very ill too! It appears to have a virus, which is preventing me from opening any of my documents, control panel etc. As far as I'm aware this is from installing an internet toolbar, the one with the 'mywebface' and 'zwinky' applications. Which I would like to warn all of you not to bother with! The cartoons are not worth losing your computers for! Most unfortunately is the fact that my dissertation is due to be finished soon, and I can't even open microsoft word! I can't even open my documents or my computer to transfer my work onto a usb so that it isn't all lost! So for about a week my pc will be dead, and getting ready to be reborn! Stay safe all, and don't download ANYTHING that is as pointless as a stupid internet toolbar!!


Kelly said...

Oh hope it all gets sorted hunni!

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