Wednesday, 23 September 2009

If you go down to the woods today...

Ok so the past few days i have been a very busy little beaver! I seem to have mastered the art (almost!!) of knitting and crocheting reasonably quickly. It has taken many years, although I doubt I will ever be the same standard as my zoomy knitter of an aunt :P In 3 days I have managed to create 3 things, including 2 headbands, and my first ever hat!! I am so pleased with myself, and have totally found a new love in creating cute things to wear.

This was my very first attempt at a headband :) In real life it is adorable, but unfortunately taking a picture of your own head with a big bulky camera that needs the focus setting first is not the easiest of tasks, which means unfortunately all of the detail is lost, BOO! But i will get some more shots of these eventually when I eventually take them off!! My next attempt is beyond cute, i love it so much!!

This is my bear headband, which totally reminds me of winnie the pooh!! I intend to make a whole bunch of these bear bands, including pandas (naturally), bunnies and kitties! Especially in the run up for Halloween, so watch this space!!
And finally I did make a hat, but for now you will have to wait for photos as it is a birthday gift to my tashie-bear!! So I will force her to wear it and take pics tomorrow :P
Watch this space!!


John said...

Great headband, you are a very talented person

hapi-ness said...

thankyou very much! that's so sweet of you :)

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