Friday, 11 September 2009

Friday loves

1::Buggabugs 2::Anidar 3::Especiallyinvited 4::Vintagetown


curethisheart said...

tea parties!♥ how do you do this, you know those little grids people do for their flickr faves? i know not how they work!♥ xo

hapi-ness said...

hehe! i just make it up on photoshop babe, just paste the photo's and move them around and then use the rectangle tool, brushes and text to make it all up :) i cheat!! hehe x

curethisheart said...

thanks sweetie♥ i looove this new look on your blog, it's really you. xo

Karen G said...

You are so sweet to include my pink tea cup! Thank you! I love the whole look you've created on your blog...delightful. Keep inspiring us!

vintagetown said...

Thanks for including my tea cosy, dear Heart, love your coloured typewriters, btw.
Vintage Town x

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