Wednesday, 6 May 2009


OK! well i said that i'd give you all a preview of my panda collection so far! unfortunately yesterday i had a hole in my bag and some of my little panda bits have fallen out somewhere in town!! :( but i still have plenty of lovelies! And the best part is that right after i took the photo's of my collection, my gorgeous new bracelet arrived in the post!!!!

So far there's my gorgeous bracelet, a panda pill box, panda travel wallet, panda parcel tape, 3 panda sketchbooks (one from the lovely tashie!) a keyring, a steiff panda, 2 charlie bear pandas, one panda cushion from turkey, one handmade panda teddy, one paper chase panda (from tash!) one panda from ikea and 4 pairs of socks, 2 plastic cups and some lovely slippers! I also have a panda shirt and some pants!!! haha i might be a little obsessed but pandas are soooo sweet :D
I also have a bit of an obsession with hanging hearts in my hallway haha i'm nearly halfway through filling the wall, need to be less lazy and make some myself!

had to show everything off!!


curethisheart said...

the birthday panda socks have made an appearance! i still think a real baby panda would be lovely to get you, i wonder if i could steal one from somewhere...♥

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