Tuesday, 7 April 2009


yay i have finally managed to upload my animation on youtube!
check it out :) for some reason it hasn't saved it with sound, but it is only a preview to the unfinished project, there's still another 30 seconds to go which have not been completed yet, but i love it so far anyway :)


Mrs Bear said...

a lady with many talents! looks reet good :D i want your things! how do you manage to get atalls and stuff? i get lost with how to sell things, just dont know where to start!! and besides, i doubt anyone would want what i have to offer! keep up the good work!! il see you in some cool magazine one day and say 'oh! ha, look at that! its vanessa!' se you soon :)

hapi-ness said...

haha you nutter, you say i sell things but i've only ever had a handful of people sell my stuff! best thing ever was a craft fair i did last year. Don't be a dafty, i love the vintage frames you're working on, I'd buy them!! but i might just steal them when you aren't looking......hehe

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