Saturday, 2 June 2012

busy busy busy!

Well it seems like forever since my last post! I have been a very busy bee :) Last weekend it was my best friend Helen's hen party and we all went to london! It was a brilliant weekend, we stayed in a beautiful 3 story house in ealing We all arrived on friday and had lunch in town and then headed back for drinks before bedtime. On saturday we headed into london to have a morning glass moulding :) it was very warm and quite scary as everything was VERY hot!! But it was a really fun experience. I made a glass heart to hang in my hallway :) we had to leave our makes behind to cool so I havent seen the end result yet and I can't wait to see how it turned out :D We all had a lovely glass of bucks fizz afterwards and headed to the park for a picnic :) I made cupcakes (which i forgot to photograph!) but did get helen to go a bit katy perry :) After a lovely lunch it was back to the house where we all got dressed in secret! The whole hen weekend was a total suprise for helen and her sister blindfolded her so she had no idea what she, or any of us were wearing! She was greeted with a lounge full of wenches :D we'd booked a medieval feast by the tower of london and it was AWSOME! We had such a laugh and I can highly recommend it :) the feature by the "knights" was quite yummy too ;) Besides this I have also been planning for my own big day! After paying the deposit on Kelham as our venue I decided I really should show Mr S around! This is the room where it all happens :) the ceremony in the afternoon and the meal later on, it is so so pretty :)there are french windows all the way down the left side which (weather permitting) we'll have open all day after the ceremony :) Mr S approved and it is all starting to feel very real! Topped off with a fun day of trying wedding dresses on with my mum last tuesday :) Sadly we weren't allowed to take any pictures for some reason! But I did find one of the dresses which I fell in love with :) It doesn't look anywhere near as pretty in the picture as it does in the flesh :) it's a real stunner but it has a hefty price tag of £1200! However I did come away learning that I can actually pull off more fitted styles then I would have thought, so that was nice ;) (I decided to make a few decorations at work for the jubilee!) This week I'm off to download festival and I can't wait! The only bummer is I have no time off before to pack so it's going to be a bit of a mad dash! I hope all of you are having a wonderful june so far, and that the weather picks back up for all of us! Goodnight from me and my bitches :) xxx Ness xxx

Friday, 18 May 2012

exciting times

Well it's been a little while since my last post, i've been a very busy bee! After looking a round a few venues I found the perfect place :) and am very VERY excited to announce that we have booked in and set a date :D We'll be getting married on our 7th anniversary on the 27th of April :) and I'm so pleased it's on the same day! Here's the beautiful place I chose :D Sadly I don't have any more pictures (yet!) but it is so beautiful inside and out :) The funtion room where the reception will be held is stunning, wooden floors and french doors all down the side wall so, weather permitting, we'll be able to open them up and have lots of lovely things outside for people to enjoy :D And with the excitement of setting a date and the limited timescale that my parents are in the country has led me to start looking at dresses (11months in advance!) My friend helen is getting married next month and purchased her dress online :) after showing me the website I spotted this beauty It is a stunner, nearly exactly what I pictured I wanted Sadly I'm not as skinny as the lovely model in the dress so until I've actually tried some different styles on I can only look at this and see what dress shopping turns up :) In the meantime I have to start thinking of some more ideas for evening entertainment and other things to make the day extra special :) I've brought a bunch of glass bonbon jar's and bowls in prep for my own candy buffet :D something I am very decided on! Does anybody have any suggestions or idea's? I'd love to hear them :) Take care all xxx Ness xxx

Saturday, 5 May 2012

A lovely weekend

Well I am back from my little weekend away with Matt and I had a lovely time :) We came back on tuesday but i've been at work since so hadn't had much time to post! I have lots and lots of pictures to share with you :) starting with this lovely picture of the front of our little cottage! And here's the view FROM the front of the cottage :) nice and peaceful! When we arrived there was a bottle of champagne and a basket of homemade fudge and lindt chocolate, which was AMAZING! Then an hour later we were greeted with a nommy cream tea in some really pretty china :) After polishing the majority of that off a lovely lady came round with her massage table to give us our back rubs which was a first for both of us! After that we just chilled out for a while before having a reallllyyy scrummy 3 course meal, and rolled our way to bed! It was a great start ;) Here was our lovely comfy bed, before we rolled in of course! And here is the sitting area at the foot of the bed, with matt serving up our welcome goodies And here was our rather sweet little bathroom, it had a double ended bath and a gorgeous oak arched barn door :D The next morning we were greeted with beautiful sunshine (this is when I got the pictures of anything outdoors hehe!)and after the car getting pelted with rain the previous day and the engine not starting we decided to take a wonder around Felbrigg :) Here we are walking around the lake, there was a really lovely view of felbrigg hall from there but it was too far away for my camera! It was such a pretty walk, but it only took us half an hour, so we went back to the cottage and tried our luck with the car again. Fortunately it worked after leaving the bonnet open for a while and we took a little drive down to Cromer coast It was a very pebbly beach and it was a bit too cold to go for a paddle but I thought the rocks and seaweed was so lovely I had to take a snap! We had a walk along the pier... Watched some people trying to catch crabs (not in the rude way!!) Watched some surfers :) Had a bag of chips in one of the pier shelters, the other one had a guy drinking special brew in it :P We walked past the kiddy park and wished we weren't too big to go on! We had ice cream :) And saw an angry crab! And then took a walk through the beach side gardens before heading back to the cottage :) After we got back we went for a dip in the outdoor hot tub and then had another amazing meal. I think i've bored you with enough pictures now so I will leave it be, but I will say again that we had such an amazing time and I would recommend a stay at felbrigg to anyone! I hope you enjoyed reading all of this as much as I enjoyed rabbiting on about it :D Muchos love to you all! xxx Ness xxx

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pretty sweet

Hello my lovelies I hope you're all having a lovely week :) I know I am! just look at some of the yummies I've indulged in this week! Not to mention a tiny bit of baking (which i've just finished!) to leave behind as a thank you to Mr S's brother who is house and dog sitting for us this weekend :) Ooooh i do love playing with the retro camera app on my phone! Yesterday was me and the Mr's 6th anniversary and as a treat I booked us a weekend away at the Felbrigg Lodge courtesey of a voucher on livingsocial :) we get a 2 night stay with afternoon tea on arrival, a 4course meal each night, breakfast both days, a bottle of champagne and a chocolate hamper in the room, full use of hot tub and pool and a back neck and shoulder massage each :) (look at some of the lodges, they're gorgeous!) I've been looking forward to it for months and after weeks and weeks of stress and not seeing each other much due to work it's a much needed break for us to be together and enjoy ourselves :) Of course yesterday we had a good time as we just had a lazy day, feasting on takeaway and opening our prezzies :) Mr S brought me a super cute panda keyring, a pyro panda t-shirt (which is hilarious) a mini pink bucket of sweets and some undies :P I went for a bit of a theme for his presents as he has a bit of a thing about batman at the minute, so I brought him a batman t-shirt, a genuine adam west autographed picture of adam west's batman and had them delivered to him by bat dog :) Millie was hilarious in this costume, although we didn't keep it on her for long, mostly by her choice :P it was a total suprise for Mr S, especially as I left him in bed and had Millie dive on him as his wakeup call :) I shall have to take some pics of our gifts to each other after we get back from felbrigg :) I just wanted to show you all the lovely wall I have been working on for the past few months, collecting pretty frames and such :) a couple still need filling, and one already contains Mr S's batman gift from me :D Well that's about it from me for today :) I need to make sure we're all packed for tomorrow! Nananananananana batbye!! xxx Ness xxx

Monday, 23 April 2012

still pretty grey

Well the weather hasn't improved in the last few days at all. Every time I've walked Millie after work it's ended up raining within 20 minutes, not that she seemed to make! After seeing Ruby Red's delicious peanut butter pretzel bites I decided to make my own! Sadly me, Mr S and my friends scoffed them all before I thought to take any pictures! So the image above is courtesey of Two Tiny Kitchens, where you can also find the recipe :) To be honest I was pretty lazy with the recipe, I just wanted to make these as quickly as possible so I just made a note of what the ingreddients were and made up the quantities as I went until the mix seemed right, and they are so easy that it all went very well :) I also made these little pink oreo bites :) they were a piece of cake to make! I simply bashed up a packet of oreo's until they were fine crumbs and mixed in a few tablespoons of cream cheese frosting until I was able to pick up some of the mixture and roll it into a ball, not too sticky and not too crumbly! Sadly I can't be exact with measurements as I made these to use up the remaining frosting from my guiness cake :) After I'd rolled up all of the mixture into little balls I popped them in the fridge for half an hour. After they were a little firmer I melted some candy melt and popped one oreo ball in at a time and covered before removing and placing on a baking sheet. After I'd covered 4 I'd add the sprinkles before they set too much and then carried on going until I'd covered all of them :) Finally I set the bites back in the fridge to set before munching down, YUM! :) I brought some super awsome nail transfers from B&M the other day and was incredibly pleased with the result :) I'm bloody AWFUL at nail I should know really :P so the fact that these can cover your entire nail within a few seconds and are easy to apply I became an instant convert. I can't stop looking at how cool they look and at £1.99 for 40 transfers, enough to do all of your nails twice (or your fingers and toes!) they are a real bargain! I picked up some pretty flowers at Tesco to bring the smell of spring indoors and to help distract from the miserable weather, I absolutely adore the smell of hyacinths! I also found some lovely table inspiration for the wedding at a local wedding fayre :) I love the littlebucket centrepiece and the beautiful fabrics! Sadly this was about all I got to see as I am working 9 days in a row at the moment and was only allowed half an hour to visit the fayre, the fact it was a 10 minute drive away didn't leave me with much browsing time! I hope you're all having a fabulous week :) Goodnight from Millie and Me! xxx Ness xxx

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

shitty weather

Well the weather outside is.....frightful! But this chap is so delightful ;)
(image courtesey of weheartit, sadly none of the content belongs to me!!!:P)
Oh dear oh dear my little chickens! It has been a none stop rain-a-thon up here.

I had a really fabulous day on monday hunting around charity shops and made quite a few lovely finds. The plan was to lay everything out on tuesday and get some pictures but it has been like night time most of the day since then with such horrible blackclouds that I haven't been able to get any pics!

So instead I am going to show you some things I am majorly glomping over online :P starting with these oh so GORGEOUS diana mini cameras.

how awsome is that leopard print???

This super cute fox cushion

And these sweet little egg cups are all from Urban Outfitters

And these beautiful bowls are from The White Company.
I wish I had some more pennies for these goodies but I am on a mission to stick with buying things from charity shops so that I can still enjoy shopping on a budget :D
Hopefully I will be able to get enough light to photograph my goodies soon, watch this space!
xxx Ness xxx

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